CSSE Conference 2021 (Virtual)
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

Thank you for an amazing virtual conference! Just a reminder that, this year we have an exciting partnership with the Alberta Journal of Educational Research (AJER). Authors of CERA 2021 conference presentations that fall under the theme of Teaching, Learning, and Assessing in the Era of COVID-19 and beyond are invited to submit a paper for consideration of publication in AJER. Papers submitted for consideration of this CERA special issue will need to conform to the AJER author guidelines ( AJER only publishes articles in the English Language. This is a competitive process because the special issue is limited to a maximum of eight articles; only high quality articles will be sent for peer-review.

Authors who are interested in submitting a paper for consideration of publication in this special issue of AJER please send the title of the article and names of authors to Drs. Pei-Ying Lin ( and Man-Wai Chu ( This information will be relayed to the AJER editorial team so that they may flag your article for the special issue. We are hoping to have the special issue published soon, so we are asking all authors to submit their non-blinded articles to AJER by July 31, 2021 through the AJER website above. This will provide authors approximately 2 months to incorporate discussant feedback and to refine their articles before submission. The AJER recommends authors to use Firefox or Chrome to submit their papers, as there were reported issues with Internet Explorer.

CSSE Conference 2020 (CANCELLED)
Western University, London, Ontario 

The CSSE Annual Conference is held in conjunction with the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. This bilingual conference provides an opportunity for discussion of educational issues among practitioners and educational scholars from across the nation. For more information, see

CERA Lunch

CERA holds a lunch at the annual CSSE conference. This lunch offers a great opportunity for professional and social interactions with new and old CERA members. Make sure you stop by when you attend the conference!