CERA 2020

CERA Workshop @ CSSE Conference 2020
Western University
, London, Ontario

Large-Scale Assessment Data Analysis: Hands-On Workshop Using Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and Pan-Canadian Assessment Program (PCAP) Data

(Full-day workshop; Saturday May 30, 2020; $40/participant)



Karen Fung (University of Alberta)

This workshop will guide participants through a series of hands-on activities designed to provide an introduction to basic univariate statistical methods commonly used in educational research. The topics covered during the workshop will include descriptive and inferential univariate statistics, sampling distributions, hypothesis testing, and a variety of statistical techniques (e.g., t-tests, analysis of variance, and correlation). These topics will be covered using three lines of statistical reasoning: (1) computational formulas and assumptions, (2) hands-on skills with using SPSS and the IDB analyzer, and (3) their appropriate uses in educational research. The hands-on portion of the workshop will use PISA 2018 and PCAP 2016 data to highlight the usefulness of large-scale assessment data in educational research. An understanding of the topics covered in this course will provide participants with an introduction in research design and statistics, which aims to prepare participants for their own analyses.

Man-Wai Chu

Dr. Man-Wai Chu (University of Calgary)

This workshop is taught by Karen Fung (University of Alberta; top left) and Dr. Man-Wai Chu (University of Calgary; bottom right). Karen Fung’s doctoral work focused on the scores comparability between PISA and PCAP, she has extensive quantitative and psychometric expertise as evident by her work with provincial, national, and international assessments such as PCAP and PISA. She has worked as a Psychometrician previously for the Education Quality and Accountability Office, and the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada. Dr. Man-Wai Chu’s research focuses on using innovative assessments, such as interactive digital environments, to measure students’ performance-based skills in the classroom and on standardized tests. She teaches graduate-level statistical research methods courses to educational researchers at the University of Calgary.


***Please note, this workshop is only delivered in English***