1. CERA Todd Rogers Research Award 

This award is given by CERA to an individual in recognition of his/her achievements and contributions in providing leadership in the field of evidence based research. During the year for which the award is granted, the nominees must have been in the employ of a school board in the province in which the CSSE conference is held. The winner must have demonstrated a sustained commitment to:

  • Facilitating the building of formal research/investigative networks to support a culture of evidence informed student achievement improvement.
  • Providing direct leadership and support to educators to enhance evidence informed research and knowledge mobilization-based professionalism in schools and classrooms.

Dates will be posted when nominations are open. For more information, please visit the CERA Todd Rogers Research Award page.

2. David Bateson New Scholar Award 

This award is for the best paper presented by a graduate student in a CERA session at the annual CSSE conference. The award consists of a one-year membership in CSSE/CERA for the year following the presentation, a certificate of achievement, and a cash prize of $100 to help offset travel to the conference. Application deadline will be posted when this award is available. For more information, please visit the David Bateson New Scholar Award page.

For other awards, please check the CSSE awards page.

3. Audet-Allard Award and R.W.B. Jackson Award 

R.W.B. Jackson Award for the most outstanding English-language article in each volume of the Canadian Journal of Education. Audet-Allard Award for the most outstanding French-language article in each volume of the Canadian Journal of Education. The criteria for both awards are:

  • Importance and originality of the study (conceptual or empirical)
  • Appropriateness of the method
  • Rigor in working within the chosen research paradigm
  • Significance of the results
  • Accuracy/validity and ingeniousness of interpretation
  • Quality of writing; clarity, elegance

These awards are adjudicated by CSSE. For more information please visit their awards webpage.