Past Award Recipients

Todd Rogers Research Award

David Bateson Award

R.W.B. Jackson Award

Audet-Allard Award


Todd Rogers Research Award

2019 – Trina Chivilo

2018 – Brian Noonan

2017 – Paul Favaro (Peel District School Board)

2016 –  John Burger (Rocky View Schools)

2015 –  Serge Boulé (Centre de leadership en éducation)

2014 – Don Buchanan (Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board)

2013 – Donald Adams (Greater Victoria School District, BC)

2012 – Chris Conley (Research Officer for the Durham School Board in Ontario)

2011 – (n/a)

2010 –  Beverley J. White and Lude Pierre

2009 –  Cecil Knight (Data Leader/Information Officer in Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board in Ontario.)

2008- Susan Close (New Westminster School District in British Columbia)

2007 – Sandra Pace (New Westminster School District)

David Bateson Award

2019 – Camila Lara (Brock University): “The Education and Integration of Immigrant Children within Ontario: A Content Analysis of Policy Documents Guiding Schools’ Response to the Needs of Immigrant Students”

2018 – Breanna Lawrence (University of Victoria): “An Ecological Mixed Methods Study of Youth with Learning Disabilities: Exploring Personal and Familial Influences on Mental Health”

2017 – Andrew Coombs (Queen’s University): “Changing Approaches to Classroom Assessment: An Empirical Study Across Teacher Career Stages”

2016 – Stefan Merchant (Queen’s University): “Assessing and Reporting Learning Skills and Work Habits: A Cross-Canada Survey”

2015 – Allison Chapman (Queen’s University):  “Assessment for Learning in the Classroom: The Students’ Perspective”

2014 – Chris Campbell:  “The validity and relevance of the New Environmental Paradigm scale for measuring student environmental thinking: An item-response theory (IRT) analysis”

2013 – Man-Wai Chu (University of Alberta): Innovation in Testing: Stealth Assessment of Innovative Problem Solving Skills.

2012 – Hollis Lai (University of Alberta): Creating and evaluating N-layer item models for automatic item generation.

2010 – Xiaomei Song: “DIF investigation across groups of gender, academic background, and university type in a large-scale high-stakes language test” 

2009 – Martha Koch (University of Ottawa: “Validation in the Context of Multiple-use: Investigating the Multiple-use of a Large-scale Mathematics Assessment”

2008 – Christopher DeLuca (Queen’s University): “Assessment Education: Perspectives of Beginning Teachers”; and  Eloise Tan & Haidee Smith Lefebvre (McGill University): “Between Lived Experiences, National Narratives, and Official Policies: Locating Québec Pre-service Teachers in Multi/intercultural Education”

R.W.B. Jackson Award

2017 – This award is now adjudicated by CSSE. For more information please visit their awards website.

2016 – Kathleen King-Yin Wong (Niagara University): “Implementing Parent Engagement Policy in an Increasingly Culturally Diverse Community of New Immigrants: How New is ‘New’?”

2015 – Tatiana Garakani (École nationale d’administration publique, Université du Québec): “Young People Have a Lot to Say . . . With Trust, Time, and Tools: The Voices of Inuit Youth in Nunavik”

2014 –  Christopher DeLuca (Queen’s University): “Toward an Interdisciplinary Framework for Educational Inclusivity”

2013 – Tasha Riley and Charles Ungerleider (University of British Columbia): “Self-fulfilling prophecy: How teachers’ attributions, expectations, and stereotypes influence the learning opportunities afforded Aboriginal students.”

2012 – Catherine Casey (University of Manitoba) and Ruth Childs (OISE/University of Toronto): “Teacher education admission criteria as measure for preparedness for teaching.”

2011 – Dale Kirby, and Morgan Gardner: “The schooling they need: Voicing student perspectives on their fourth year in senior high school.”

2010 – Ruth Childs and Linda Umezawa: “When the Teacher Is the Test Proctor.”

2009 – Yatta Kanu (University of Manitoba): “Educational Needs and Barriers for African Refugee Students in Manitoba”

2008 – Verna St. Denis (University of Saskatchewan): “Uniting Aboriginal Education with Anti-Racist Education: Building Alliances Across Cultural and Racial Identity Politics”

2007 – Ottilia Chakera and Alan Sear:  “Civic Duty: Young People’s Conceptions of Voting as a Means of Political Participation”; and,
Todd Rogers, Xin Ma, Don A. Klinger, Teresa Dawber, Laurie Hellsten, Denise Nowicki, and Joanna Tomkowicz:  “Examination of the Influence of Selected Factors on Performance on Alberta Learning Achievement Tests.”


Audet-Allard Award

2016 – This award is now adjudicated by CSSE. For more information please visit their awards website.

2014 – Marie-Christine Potvin, Éric Dion, Monique Brodeur et Corina Borri-Anadon: “Utiliser le tutorat par les pairs pour favoriser l’apprentissage de la lecture en milieu défavorisé. Une pré-expérimentation avec examen des caractéristiques des non-répondants.”

2012 – Marie-Ève Gagné (UQUAM), Diane Marcotte (UQUAM) and Laurier Fortin (U de Sherbrooke): “L’impact de la dépression et de l’expérience scolaire sure le décrochage scolaire des adolescents.”

2010 – Marie-Pier Morin: “Les connaissances mathématiques et didactiques chez les futurs maîtres au primaire: quatre cas à l’étude.”

2007 – Michele Dery, Jean Toupin, Robert Pauze, & Pierrette Verlaan: “Les caracteristiques d’eleves en difficulte de comportement: places en classe speciale ou integres en classe ordinaire.”