CERA 2016 Program

We look forward to seeing many of you in a couple of weeks at CSSE in Calgary. In addition to a variety of paper presentations, we wanted to share with you some highlights from the CERA program. Please check the next version of the CSSE program for event locations.

Saturday May 28th

CERA Preconference Workshops
We are pleased to announce two pre-conference workshops. All are welcome to register and attend! Register at: https://www.assocsrv.ca/csse/login.asp?lang=e

Workshop 1: Using the Pan-Canadian Assessment (PCAP) Databases for Large-scale Education Studies. Offered by Dr. Kathryn O’Grady at 8:15am
Workshop 2: From SPSS to R: An emerging migration! Offered by Dr. Amin Mousavi at 1:30pm

Sunday May 29th

12:15-1:15 – CERA Special Panel Session: View from the Top: Research Perspectives of Established Scholars
This session brings well-respected scholars from across Canada to share their insights on the advancement of educational research. This year we are honoured to be joined by Drs. Nancy Arthur (University of Calgary), Ruth Childs (University of Toronto), Don Klinger (Queen’s University), and Todd Rogers (University of Alberta) to discuss their views of research in educational assessment, program evaluation, and research methodology. This session will be led by a group of emerging scholars and graduate students to help create rich learning experiences that help direct our field towards new areas of research.

Monday May 30th

11:15-12:00 – CERA Presidential Address by Dr. Jacqueline Leighton: Growing the Assessment Triangle to Include Explanation
The field of educational measurement has and continues to make significant advances in the precision of its tools. However, the field lags behind in advancing solid explanations for test scores that reflect the complexity of learning, including cognitive and socio-emotional variables. While some focus on advances at the margins of accuracy of estimation, we fail stakeholders with vague accounts of the underlying causes of test scores and procedures to predict their change.

12:15-2:45 – CERA Lunch & Annual General Meeting (AGM)(double time slot)


Tuesday May 31st

4:30-5:45 – CERA Graduate Student Session: Getting Your Research Published: A Panel on Academic and Alternative Publishing Venues and How to Leverage them Effectively
If you think getting published in a journal is difficult – try submitting to the Huffington Post! Publishing across a range of media is vital for ensuring that your research has maximum impact.  Clearly, publishing in the Canadian Journal of Education requires different writing than an editorial in the Globe and Mail, but how is it different? And how can you maximize your chances of being published in both academic and popular media?  This session will feature a panel of academics, writers, and journalists who will explore different publication venues and how they can be used effectively to promote and mobilize your research.

Safe Travels to Calgary!
Eugene Kowch, CERA Program Chair and
Christopher DeLuca, CERA President